In Memory Of

Janet Morello Trezza  1928 - 2015

Martin Avadian  1910 - 2001

Bill (The Dementia Guy)  1945 - 2009

Arlene  1924 - 2009

Madeline Sivak  1917 - 1987

Donald  1932 - 2008

                                                                    Bessie Knapmiller 1921 - 2010

                                                     Rita Hayward 1918 -1987
Josephine Mickow   2009

President Ronald Reagan 1911 - 2004

Woody Giest 1926 - 2010

Vercil Childs  1930 - 2008
Ida Arnette & son Allan - Ida passed 2009
Cliff Holman - 1929 - 2008
Cousin Cliff
Thomas Riggin  1935 - 2006
Fannie Davis   1928? - 2010
Peter Falk - 1927 - 2011

Marvine Harrell -1936 - 2009
Malcolm Butch Noonan - 1952-2010

Yolanda Sanmartino - 1931-2013

Margaret Thatcher - 1925-2013

Dorothy (was the mother of my friend Lori La Bey

Dr. Richard Taylor (my friend) 19?? - 2015


Fran Noonan  2003
Ellen Monaghan  1936-2011 (personal friend)
Daphine Gorwin   2008
Diana Friel McGowin   2011
Allie Neslon   2011
Gloria J. Gibbons  2008 (mother of Leza Gibbons)
Iris Murdoch  1999
Harry Spohr  1986
Betty Spohr   2008
Pat McKenna  2006
Larry Rose  2010
Rosetta June Ware 2012
Bob Oerkine  2001
Joann Oeoline  2004
Chuck Haynali  2004
Bonnie Pursley  1920-2003
Vivian Hanby  1915-1996
Edna Dini  2013
Dave Kent  2009
Barbara Broyles  2004
Stella Dickerman  1984
Bernard Heywood  1987
Jim Nantz Sr.  2008
Frank Wall  2011
Nora Jo Cerasoli  2011
Tom Coyne  1980s
Annabelle Coyne  1995
Mary Wall  1992
Bob Oerkine  2001
Joann Oeoline  2004
Chuck Haynali  2004
Rita Scully  2011
Raymond Alvarez 1/4/2015
Esther Culliver  2014
Evelyn Walker  2014
Laurene Martin 2014
Twaya Johnson 2014
Robert E Davis  2014
Lela Shanks  2013
Bob Artley 2011
John Bayley  1999
Bessie Chow  2014
Irvin Biron  2013
Paul Jensen  2014
Thelma O'Brien  2014
Dapne Gorwin  2003
Margo Alexander  2014
Gladys Fuget  2005
Harry Fuget  2005
Kiyomi Shimizu  2018
Bob Forsberg  2018

8 comments: said...

I am watching an HBO documentary this morning with you on it. I feel so bad for you and your family and your friends. I lost my mother-in-law about two years ago and it just devastated the whole family taking this ride with her. Maybe as an outsider and not one of her children I saw this disease coming on years ago. Her children did not see it they just thought she was being stubborn and what ever.
She started taking the A. drug and that helped for awhile but I think she started it too late. We loved her so much but our love was enough. I am so proud of you for maintaining this blog...I am quite proud of you. Keep up the good work and I will be keeping up with your blog.
Washington State

presstoe said...

Hi there, I sent you a picture of Cliff Holman for the Memories of page. Maybe you would like to use it!

Take care and God Bless!


Harrison 9 said...

Joe...I am rewatching the Alz Project tapes with my Dad...he wants to stay in denial about Mom so I thought I would help him see the illness more clearly. You gave us the best laughs on the video...THANKS! I am so happy to see you still really helps us to see it from the inside out. I always ask Mom what she thinks about what is going on...I really think you all have the answer and the Dr. are clueless. Thanks for keeping on! God bless you and yours...J. Harrison at Sonshineacres in Santa Fe, TX(bet you didn't know TX had a Santa Fe too!)

Danielle Marie said...

My dad....Bill....miss him so much. He would of been the best Grandpa to my twins. I named one of them after him and they both have his last name. Taking care of him for 6 years prepared me for caring for my micro preemies. Thank you Joe for keeping his photo up. Hugs.

Ware Family said...

I'd like to add in memory of my mom Rosetta June...

athletic said...

diana friel mcgowin died in 1994 from early onset alzheimer's disease/multi farcet disorder.

Pattidawn said...

I am expecting a firmative diagnosis in June after my 3rd MRI W contrast, 8 yrs after the first which showed problem areas. Finally, on whatever the cause/ type dementia. Have been loosing ground here for about 10 years. I am now 63.
I’ve been a singer/songwriter/ musician for 50 yrs. 5 years ago not knowing how fast I would decline, I wrote a song for my husband Ed of our true memories. I wrote it on the most positive light. It’s called “ I REMEMBER YOU” here is the link.
April 14, 2018 we celebrated our 31st Anniversary in a lovely B&B in Potter County. Still making previous memories for him to have when I no longer do.

“ And Hope does not disappoint “ Romans 5:5 I never loose hope that there will one day be a cure. Godspeed to all ��

Sarah Mccarthy said...

Thank you for sharing your story and journey with HBO. Just like the poster before me I’m watching the documentary. I admire your resilience in the face of such an awful disease. Your story along with the HBO series has and continues to bring awareness.