Monday, December 24, 2018

HELLO (My last post)

HELLO, may seem like an unlikely title for my last post but I think not.  It is a friendly word of welcome to all those who have visited my site and left comments. To say good bye or farewell just seems to me to be so unkind and non caring. Besides it is also a word that suggests that the one you are greeting is welcomed in friendship.  It has been a long 12+ years that i have done this blog and it is just to exhausting now.  It has taken me several weeks to get to this post.  The stress of our move to Nevada, all the updating to the house and MR. AD and friend FTD have just become to much for my ½ brain cell, which I think (that is a joke) has gone into hiding.  My ability to follow conversations has become close to non existence and I am having more and more periods of disappearing while I am still here.

I have outlasted the so called time allowance for these two diseases, whether that is good or bad i do not know. I have met many new people hopefully helped a few understand these diseases from Our Side fo the Fence.  I have tried to keep my humor through it all, but that has become difficult also, no more fun seen in it.  My memories are leaving both recent and past, days are all mixed up. I have a new week that I designed it is simple called Today.  It is non specific, because that is how I have become. My body hurts just about everywhere, I do not see well or hear well, my wife says tat is normal for me.  If it was not for her these last 14 years would have been a mess, not to mention the 40 we have been together. Five kids, eight grandchildren later and #9 do any day, it has been a trip.

Last post I told you about a conferrence I was invited to in Italy next year, well I was invited to Paris next year for a conference.  My blog has received over 30 different awards, of which I am just in awe of, the most rewarding invite, offer what ever you want to call it just came to be Guest Speaker, yup you read it at a conferrence in Ho Chien Meng, China next year.  I say that because The Best Neurological Hospital of China, that is thier name, was the first foreign vistor I had and asked me if the could use my blog for teaching. I was humbled and honored at that request and this latest has blown my toes off, forget the shoes and socks. Of course since I do not travel and have always been extremely unsettled to have my feet in the air (afraid!!!!!!) I do not fly. I may be a bird brain but I have no feathers. But what away to leave this blog with those offers. It has been home for me for a very long time but time has caught up with me and is taking hold faster each day so I must move on to where ever it is I am going. You see the Joe that started this blog is no longer here, he has slowly left and the fire in him that was there is just ambers.  But just one last time I say to the so called medical field get your Fucking Heads Out of Your Ass and you just might figure this out, asking to much aren't I?

Well stay well, take care of yourselves and from me and my family to you ad yours have a VERY, VERY MERRRY CHRISTMAS AND THE BEST OF NEW YEARS!

God Bless and Keep You and This Country of Ours!

PS: MY political statement Go Mr. President. To Mr. B. and Mr. S. and all of your socialist friends and gun grabbers that want to ruin our Country, may you all look back over your shoulders and suffer the same fate as Lot's Wife.


Mary said...

I have followed your blog off and on as I have a friend who is worried about getting Alzheimer’s. I am sorry this happened to you and all you’ve had to deal with. But I was saddened by your rather hateful PS at the end of your blog post. I would have hoped your heart would have been in a better more thoughtful enlightened place at this stage in your life. I found it quite disappointing.

jopoto said...


It is ok you disagree, but I disagree with those that want to destroy my constitutional rights period. Ask Mr. B & Mr. S, if their bodyguards carry loaded weapons (answer yes). Us that stand up are always put down, but we will fight on and win in the end, because we are Freedoms' safest place. God Bless you and thanks for stating your feelings I always appreciate those who have the will to do so. I am more enlightened now than ever in my life, but at least I will soon not be envolved with this political things, had to state will I could my feelings. My right as an American Citizen, 2nd generation. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you.
God Bless,

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