Thursday, December 28, 2017

Freed from Alzheimer's!!

I was reading a post from a lady in the group Alzheimer's and Dementia that I have the honor of being part of.  Her hubby just passed the other day, she used a word i believe in when we with the disease of Alzheimer's, dementia, parkinson's etc. he was FREED.  That is my belief.  You see we with these diseases are not in a battle, like it is said of those who die from their battle with cancer, oh no we are in a WAR, those that suffer know what I mean.  Alzheimer's lost the WAR it took his mortal body, but HE was FREED and won the right to be whoever he was and even more. He now joins the universal choir to sing and praise and hear the voice of the armies that have gone before him. Yes I envy him, I long to leave this hell I live in.

Constantly being asked how are you, are you ok, how do you feel, I understand how it is for you, the Hell you do I say.  Of course I am not ok, my hands can no longer paint, use power tools, build things, I have trouble talking right, I walk like a one legged antelope.  No I am not ok, this disease sucks big time.

To my friend I say, throw open your windows, clean the windows, clean the curtains and drapes, wash the bed sheets and floors.  Let the fresh air sweep away the stench you have lived with. Take a shower and was the dust of the war from your body, let the burden you have carried float down the drain, for you also have been FREED from you task.  It is now your time to live again as your hubby would tell you in his new found freedom.

Move on, do not morn, rejoice in the time you had with him that is what matters now. Live, Live, Live and be happy. Your burden is gone and Your HUBBY is VERY, VERY happy now in his new freedom.  The Voice of the universe will be his guide and friend from now on.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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