Friday, July 21, 2017

It has been awhile since I last visited here.  It has been a really rough 2+ months.  The move from California to Nevada has been a real pain. Toooo much required of this brain of mine. I am just starting to relax done and feel some of the pressure going away.  My routine is still messed up and causing me problems.  One good thing I have lost almost 20 pounds, I need it.  My temper and ability to cope are getting worst than normal.  It is pobably the stress of the move and all the bull shit that went with it that have me out of line.  I would like to blame it all on the Alzheimer's but I do not think that would be totally honest.

I keep getting emails from people and for some reason they think this is a caregivers' site, well folks far from it.  I have ALZHEIMER'S, yes I do list caregive info, but I am not one at least in the sense you think.  I try to help those caring for us understand what are world is like. What really gets the hair on my neck to stand is reading all the posts on the net by people who think they really know how to deal with us.  People you are as I would say balf fass fackword (figure it out).  You keep repeating the same lame crap.  Get out of the boxes you are in and really learn how to handle us and that is do not try to handle us, we are not trained dogs.  In case you have not noticed we are truly lost and screwed up people.  KEY WORD HERE IS PEOPLE1  qUIT POSTING THE SAME BS OVER AND OVER, find something original, you are supposed to have the brains and the Paper Hanging Degrees, but apparently neither serve you well.

I wonder how many of you have ever really sat down and truly LISTENED to those you care for or if you just march tho the beat of the EXPERTS, which there are none, except those of us that live in this world of Alzheimer's and other forms of Dementia. Try and keep us safe, but do not try and be our keepers. We feel, we hurt, we laugh, we cry, we reach out, we withdraw, yes all the same things you do, but we are akward about it much of the time and very impatient.

I wonder if you would survive a trip through the corridors of my brain for just two hours.  It would be interesting to see how you came out and if your thoughts were different.

Till we meet again.

God Bless & Keep YOu & This Country of Ours!
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