Thursday, November 17, 2016

Marty Schottenheimer battling early-onset Alzheimer's

Remember the lady basketball coach who just died from Alzheimer's. The press was all over HER story from the start. God she was just a saint. Well how many of you heard about Marty? I live in San Diego County, where he was coach for the Chargers, not much said about it. Can I say SEXIST media, or am I politically incorrect.  Well if so to fricken bad. He was a winning coach and a very smart man. I am not singing his praises personally I did not like him and am not by any means a Chargers fan. What I am saying, I think is that his battle is just as important as anyone else's and because of his status it should be covered just as Coach Pat Summit was!

I also have been reading a lot of posts on new studies, cures, causes, etc. Boy some of you out there are repeating OLD NEWS, that went nowhere. There is no diet, no pill no anything that stops or cures Alzheimer's. What is it that you do not understand? Testy yes I am, tired of all the bull shit being spewed out. The Snake Oil Peddlers. Remember Coconut Oil, the cure, I said BS when I first was told of it, well it wall rampit on the net, have you heard of anyone cured from it? The answer I will help you is NO. Not a rap on Coconut Oil, it has its' qualities, but curing Alzheimer's or any form of dementia, sorry not so. I beg you all do not fall for the diets, drinks and other crap being promoted as a cure.  If you pay attention I think eating potato chips will be either the next cause or cure for Alzheimer's. Seems everything now is linked to or is a cause of the disease or it can cure it.

All in favor raise your hand.

Another Note an email I just received:

Hi Joseph,

Congratulations! Living with Alzheimer's is nominated for Healthline’s Annual Best Health Blog Contest! Check it out here:

Every year we take a look at the top health blogs to honor & recognize them. This year things may look a little different, as we’ve updated the contest and taken strides to make sure everything runs smoothly & everyone has a good time voting for their favorites! 

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Congrats and good luck!


My ego booster today, which happens to be my 43rd anniversary of my 39th birthday. Yes I was born on this date in 1944, not found under a rock.

Until next time, take care of yourselves.

God Bless and Keep You and This Country of Ours!

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