Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Alzheimer's and Me!

I have not really written how me and Alzheimer's are getting along of late. Well, i am able to put together a post in my wandering brain cells; but then I have a very difficult time getting it down to my fingers to type.  Once I manage to get my fingers ready with the post, then the problem of getting them to type is all together another story. When all is ready to go, I have to remember to get to my computer and then to the post section, many is the time when I finally get there everything else is gone out the window.  I sleep a great deal during the day and night, I am getting more and more confused and forgetful, wow what a surprise.

I was sitting this morning on the bench we have near the front window and staring at the area rug on the floor.  We have had this rug for maybe 5 years or so and I just noticed and told Lynn that there was green in the rug. She sat next to me and said that was why she was shocked when I said that I like the rug.  See I do not like green on furniture, drapes, rugs, walls or clothing, GREEN is for plants, grass and money only.

I watched 60 minutes this weekend, because they were having the Alzheimer's study breakthrough. What a waste the information they gave has been posted on my blog and others years ago. We know that there is a mutated gene that is carried by the people in that town in Columbia and it means Alzheimer's is coming to you 100%.  Dr. Oz I think it was a couple of years ago had a family from Michigan I think, that carry the gene, six siblings were on and five had the signs already in their 40's and the one sister was ok and caring for them.

I was happy to hear them admit that amyloid beta plaques and tau tangles, when pressed by the reporter, may not prove to be the problem and they will have waisted 15+ years of research. Wow where have I heard that before.  When, can someone tell me that these so called brilliant people will get the heads out of their collective asses and start looking for the real cause?

Well HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you all.

God Bless and Keep You and This Country of Ours!
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