Friday, September 16, 2016

Yes I am still here. Have not been around for awhile, not quiet sure where I was, but it was not here brain wise that is.  Touble remembering what I am doing again and what day it is or what I want to say.  Try as one might to fight and do things to help maintain some type of normal life, whatever that is this disease good old Alzheimer's just keeps marching on.  I have been reading some so called new developments and they always say that maybe this might help by the year 215637, they still have their heads up their ass.

As you know about 72% of all Alzheimer's deaths' (360,000 aprrox.) more than lung cancer and breast cancer combined are women. Yes that is a fact. Why nobody seems to know. I have a thought, yes I still have them, Copper. Yes the heavy metal copper is linked (not a cause) to Alzheimer's. Seems that 49yr olds and such are getting Alzheimer's more frequently. Well guess what ladies, you know that little pill you have been taking for 30+ years or so or the iud all contain copper. Maybe not a significant amount but over the years it adds up. Go study how the body handles heavy metals, little hint it stores them in your bones, when it cannot flush them all out.  Blood tests do not tell the answer unless you receive massive doses.  Only true way to rid you system, men this is for you also, is to have intervenious Cheleation done. I am sure I will here what a putz I am but that is ok. Mercury and Aluminum are also linked to Alzheimer's.  You in my group generation old, mercury fillings in the teeth. Gov. alows for a certain amount of lead in your system, thanks you very much shoot me in the head. No amount of lead in your system or any heavy metal is acceptable or condusive to good health.

See brain is active at the moment.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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