Sunday, September 06, 2015

Me and Alzheimer's Saying Good Bye!

 It has been nine years this motnh that I have been posting on this blog. I hope that I have kept to my purpose to expose both the truth and th lies regarding this disease. I have looked at most of this years posts and they have been mostly study or info and not on my journey with Alzheimer's. You see I no longer know what to say, this sucks. THERE IS NO CURE, they do not even no the cause, there are no diets that really change this INSPITE of what you hear or read on the internet. If any of this did exist, you who have your ears ringing from the news of it.

I have grown tired and wiery and quite frankly tiered of all the bs out there and the goody two shoes, doing nothing really. All the people in the know say we are making great strides, I would like to see all that greatness. My life has been coming more confusing as we go along. I have more and more trouble and I keep falling asleep at this thing when I try to post or do other things. I speak a new language now good think my wife knows it or I would be totally lost.

So I think the time to say so long has come and thank you for your friendships, kindness, good wishes and putting up with me. Till we meet

God Bless & Keep You and This Country of Ours!
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