Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dr. Richard Taylor Goodbye My Friend.

It saddens me to tell you that my friend and cohort in this fight against Alzheimer's passed away on July 25, 2015.  It was not his Alzheimer's that took him but his additioal battle with throat cancer. I have known Richard since about 2005 when we met through our blogs on Alzheimer's. I feel the grief the family must fill, but I rejoice that my friend is finally free and able to be happy. I am a better person for having known him, although we did have sharp disagreements. Good Bye my friend and now you walk with the Lord, yes I am jealous.

Every year Alzheimer's claims the lives of over 500,000 people, about 1 every 67 seconds. Where is the real out cry against this. Not the establishment or those groups that placate them and feel a gentle approach is needed.  I suffer from the disease and say screw that idea, civial disobidence is the way, with loud marches, letter and fax campaigns and voting those out of office that do not want to fund research fully. How did AIDS get the money, what about the 60 mile marches for breast cancer. How did civil rights get attention and work to help make it a real part of our lives?

Richard was diagnosed in 2001 with this wonderful disease, Alzheimer's. He outlived the normal life span of 2 - 10 years, by 4 years. Maybe if he had not had Alzheimer's weakening his body and taking it's pound of flesh, he may have not gotten cancer. Food for thought.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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