Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Of Late

I have heard some noise about a study in Australia, where APPARENTLY they claim to have reversed and "cured" some with Alzheimer's. Since this has been very sparce I wonder about it. I will try and get more info and post what I find out.
I am always suspect of this kind of stuff.

Well off hunting I shall go, with blazing speed, you know slow. That is me today and trying to put a post together is difficult. Wife sys when you think of something write it down. Then put ideas together in a post. Easy for her to say, by the time I go to write it down I forget have of it.. I just cleared my desk of so much junk. That is a problem, I write it down in my own language and then look at it and wonder what the hell.

Life sucks now, I keep taking these trips to the floor and out of bed again.  All part of the process Nice thig I am forgetting a lot out of the past. Hell remembering this morning is a job. I have a new cat, got her from the pound about year ago, see how fast I remember to share things. She is a calico colored persian. We took her because she was 13, no one wanted her with her health problems. So she is with us and healthier and even is finally beginning to learn how to play. She has dementia forgets things quickly, fits in perfectly.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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