Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Disconnect between brain and fingers.

Hi to All!

I have not posted alot lately regarding me and my journey with Alzheimer's. I am starting to have great difficulty in getting what is in my brain cell to my fingers. Somewhere on it's journey from brain to fingers it gets lost or just plain nothing. I have been fortunate for sometime to be able to communicate here with all of you. But it seems the disease is starting to take what it feels rightfully belongs to it. It is taking a physical toll on me as well. Greedy bastard that it is. I do not write much about going here or there, because I feel that my mission on this blog is to talk about what the disease really does.
Once again I have started getting this crap on how to prevent Alzheimer's or dementia in and of it self. How to cure it. Boils down to the same old bullshit nothing. The new studies and trials that promise so much, suddenly you stop hearing about them, why because they all fail. To many restrictions on reasearch and movement of possible drugs to the market. Smaller brained powered individuals then myfelf  making life decisions for you and me, makes no sense.
I guess 57+ people dieing each day from the Alzheimer's is of no importance to those that try to govern our lives and tell us how they will take care of us. I say stick it up your already clogged lower intestine. We need to force the issue. Not by kissing up to them, but getting on the unemployment lines and start our revolution to first an understanding of the cause, then how to prevent it where we can (if that is possible), find real treatments that work and not just mask symptoms until they stop and leave the person hanging on the cliff. Sounds a bit political, right? Well the time has come for us to go into action. It is clear those claiming to help us, really have not come much more than a foot in well over 100 years.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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