Saturday, December 20, 2014

To all hello, I have been ill for awhile and am now getting back to my normal. Life is getting more confusing and so am I. I am having more trouble with speaking correctly and getting out the right words.  I seem to be fine until 10am or so and then a wall comes up in front of me and I cannot do anything more. I try but the body does not want to do it and my brain is unsure of it.

They are having a contest on Health Line for health blogs of all things. Yes you can go there and vote for Living With Alzhiemers if you wish, wish hard.

Christmas is coming and I am a prepared as a dirt yard in a wind storm. I have been posting articles of late because I cannot seem to get things to work together anymore.  It actually hurts to think now, the headaches are getting worse, my walking in circles is improving, falling has become something I can do very well. OOOOOH the joys of it all, cannot talk right, think straight, walk well, but seem to do ok here was I get started. Maybe because I am really talking to myself when I post. I do that well my wife asks me often who am I talking to. Mouth is going, hands are moving the whole show is in action, of course asking me justs ruins it because I forget. I have others in my brain now.

Till next we meet.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!
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