Sunday, November 16, 2014

Dementia and Driving?

Many of you know that I chose to stop driving almost 6 yrs ago. But I think that this can be a touchy topic between caregiver and care receiver. I stopped because I realised that I had become a danger to others and myself, as well as not being able to make deciions.  I will tell you that at first I had a pitty party for myself, but as time has gone by it is a good thing. I like being driven plaes, I enjoy the driver having to put up with the BS of others not me and I can relax and enjoy the sites as I forget where we are going.

I would say that if you know one such as I and they do not belong behind the wheel (in your judgement), that you get opinions from others before you broach the topic. See we can be very confrontational when you want to take something from us. Never, my opinion, tell the person they are a bad driver and do not belong behind the wheel. A more gentle approach of asking, after you have ridden somewhere with them might be, "So how do you like the traffic theses days?" See you have laid the ground work for discussion, do not push.Maybe the next time you and someone whose opinion the person respectts, may discuss the problems you see that they seem to be having when driving, get them involved. You might suggest a driving anallysis by a professional. The point is is to try and get the person to give up the keys. It is a loss of freedom no matter how you may see it. Yes they can get rides, cab, bus, etc. NOT THE SAME as getting up and going to the car and going where you want. If you cannot persuade the person to stop, talk to their Dr. and see if he or she can convince them. If not have someone other than you contact the DMV and let them handle it and remove yourself from the picture. It is very possible tha the talk with their doctor may just be the trick, remember he/she can report the patient (you loved one) to the state licensing department.

Remember that you are asking or proposing one give up their freedom of self movement, that they probably have been doing for 50+ years or so. How would you feel? Think about it before you act.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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