Friday, September 05, 2014

I decided to finally visit my own blog. It has only taken over a week of sitting here to finally make it. I always have these great things to tell you, but they seem to leave faster than they come. There is a very great disconnect between my brain and fingers and is growing so with my mouth.
I have a new pet a calico cat, we got her from the pound. She is almost 13yrs, heart problems, ear problems, people problems, but she is so damn cute. Took her home, after she had been there on and off, mostly on, for over a year. Knew no one else would give her a home so we have. Had her about 2 weeks and been to the vet twice, sounds like me. Old, crabby and don't enjoy having people around me.
I truly do not enjoy this life anymore, it is becoming difficult now, I have no ambition nor do I care about much. Kind of hard to care when the old brain can not remember to do so. Slow typing is helping me spell today, tomorrow who knows. I do miss coming here to be with you all.
I have been reading some articles and studies that are coming out saying that Alzheimer's may very well be the Number 3 killer period. Not surprising with all the folks I know that are leaving us.
Thank you all for being here for me and allowing me to be a very small part of your lives.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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