Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello To All,

My loving, devoted, ever wonderful wife, has informed me that living with me now is like the terrible two's all over again. Have kids you know. At least I am having my childhood finally. Never had one way back in prehistoric timees. I just cannot anylonger keep my mouth shut or stay out of arguing. They said this crap would take place and here we are in my terrrible twos and wearing depends what a life.

Have been readina lot on the internet about diets and drugs that all cure alzheimer's and prevent it. I say watch out for this junk and snakeoil sales.  I have yet to get solid undenial proof that any diet or drug out there has stopped or curred anyone of this disease. I have heard claims but disaster followed them and some of the people were the snake oil peddlers. Do not grasp at straws it will  only come back to kick you in the ass 10 times over. Have someone you trust dig into the info before you get involved. No You Tube Claims and the like, hard undeniable facts. The only cure for AD that I know of is DEATH period. Oh becareful apparently everything in the world causes it as we. Do not want to get AD go live in a bubble, eat and drink nothing and do not breathe that should do it. Smart ass yes, but i am tired of hearing about my friends falling for this bull shit and just wind up dieing  worst off.

Take care of yourself.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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