Saturday, July 26, 2014

Welcome Pat Bowlen!!!!!!!

As many of you know I self appointed myself to stand at the Gate to this World of Alzheimer's with my hand out to greet those who join our millions strong family. Today I welcome Mr. Pat Bowlen, owner of the Denver Broncos. Pat went public this week about his Alzheimer's: he is now 70. He has been living with this disease for a few years now, which those of us in this family know, he has had it longer, but just was probably told medically a few years ago. We all know how the story goes. I want Pat to know, although he will probably never read this or be told, that anytime any day you need to talk to one in your new familly to help prepare you for the journey ahead, You can contact me, I stand here to help and tell you the truth about this disease. Yes it is brutal, frustrating, aggrevating a pain in the ass, so on and so on. But it does have it's moments of peace and fun actually. We have a saying I have Alzheimer's, I am glad I do not have Alzheimer's our way of knowing how quickly we forget things.
While I was sitting here at my computer going to write this post, I fell sound asleep for awhile, part of my life now. There are so many things I cannot do anylonger that I have forgotten some of them. One thing I think is great abouth this disease is you forget the people and things that you really disliked and life does become less complicated. 10 years now I have been at this, statistically for both my Alzheimer's and Frontol Temporal Dementia, this is my year to go and be set free. Some how I have a feeling that may not take place and frankly it pisses me off.
I know people get upset when I talk about today being a good day to die, but those people are not living in my head that is getting darker, foggier and less able to keep anything straight. I get gun HOOOah on something and well suddenly it does not matter and goes away. I have a hearing aid, well that just helps me hear things more that I don't remember, it makes sense to me even if you do not understand. I have gone off grid I think that is the saying, I left all social media sites and other groups I belonged to, to come back home here where I belong and can be who and what I am and will be.
Pat again welcome and that is meant with a true heart.

God Bless & Keep You And This Country of Ours!!!!!

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