Thursday, July 03, 2014

A Dear One Is Gone

Today I learned that My Friend Carol's husband passed on. He suffered from this disease and now he is free of it. My prayers and praises of joy to Carol and Hubby (as I rcalled hiim).

I read on their blog about the incontence part and personally found in kind of amuszing, you see it has followed me around for over a year now, just goes with the territory. I also have a hearing aide now and need a second go at surgery on my eyes, things just get in the way sometimes. I have more and more moments of being somewhere and do not know about it. Mr. AD and FTD are claiming their territories in me , knew the day was comming so on I go.  So far I have beat the odds, probablyl because I am just an old pain in the ass and stubborn as hell.

I wake up in my dreams and continue them talking and so and then say bull and go back to sleep. To say my life is getting interesting is a mild statement. I still look forward to going home, any time the Big Guy decides. Getting tired of waiting for the bus to pick me up and holding my hand out to take his. But all in his time not mine.He runs the show I do not. I just sit and eat popcorn and watch the screen to see what is next.

For all that celebrate JULY 4TH, have a happy and safe one, and remember all of those around the World who fought to keep Freedom alive.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!!!
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