Monday, March 03, 2014


Well today is Monday that is what my calendar says or shows whatever. For those of you who have told me the auto music is a pain in the butt, just go to the right hand side of the blog under the welcome message and press the pause button on what looks like a radio. If you go to any of the side movies ot that you may want to pause it. My spelling is not getting better it seems they have put a correcto type thing in here now.  Give me a chance and I will beat it.

Well it seems the old thyroid is not what it once once was, I now have med. for that also. Lucky me. I keep telling you folks by pharmaceuticals as long as I am here there is money to be made. Would like to tell you what I did last week, but well I do not know, but I did things. Got up, took pills, ate took several long naps I am sure, exciting is it not.

I read about the mental exercises that us folk are to do to help our brains so they do not go quietly into the night. But I have problems with them so this is what I do. Create situations in my one brain cell and then see how they play out. Yes I control both sides of the coin. I find it more stimulating, at least for me.  I think I probably have always done that. I least I get the outcomes correct. Find myself more and more drawing inside myself. That may be in part the disease and part my way of handling things, not sure on that though.

Well not sure whatelse to say to TTFN.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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