Friday, February 07, 2014

It is Friday!!!!

See I know what day today is, that is because I just finished doing my towels, which is my Friday task. a little later I will have forgotten the day, but who cares they are all the same. I have been reading some new study info, but most of it is unbased as yet and I do not want to pass it on. Those of you who have followed me on Twitter and Facebook should know by now I have shut down my sites. I think have have closed all but google+ and some of that I will not be posting to. This is my home this is where we have come to know one another, this is where I shall be.

This disease, whatever you want to call it Alzheimer's, dementia, etc. etc. is a bitch to deal with. I think I may have been able to stay clearer than a lot of those I know, this is my opinion, but I stopped along time ago taking those so called slow the progression drugs down. I do take supplements for men, vitamin d3, probiotics and an assortment of prescription drugs for mood and to keep me from causing earthquakes with my shaking. I had the eye surgery, right well now I have eye drops because I have dry eyes. My vision is a lot like my brain sometimes clear and then fuzzy wonderful that I did this. I need reading glasses which I have from the store, so I can see this and the mail. I must say that I honestly regret having the surgery. Eventually I would have gone blind, but this bullshit with my eyes is the same as with my brain a true pain in the ass.

I am really starting to hear folks say other words than what they are. Conversations are getting worse and my loosing my bearings is becoming more common. Names are really starting to escape me, who knows maybe that is all good. What the hell I am nutty as a fruit cake anyways.

It is funny when I quit drinking decades ago, most of my so called friends disappeared. Now that I am leaving the Social Media spot light, the same thing is happening. But getting older a number have moved on.

Well till next time I get here, be good to yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!! (and the rest of the World as well)

Keep those cards and letters coming in!
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