Monday, December 23, 2013

From Dementia Journeys

10 Requests from a Dementia Journeyer

1. Please be patient with me — Remember that I have
an organic brain disease for which I have no control.
2. Talk to me — Even though I cannot always answer you,
I can hear your voice and sometimes comprehend your
3. Be kind to me — For each day of my life is a long and
desperate struggle. Your kindness may be the most
special and important event of my day.
4. Consider my feelings — For they are still very much
alive within me.
5. Treat me with dignity and respect — As I would have
gladly treated you.
6. Remember my past — For I was once a healthy,
vibrant person full of life, love and laughter with abilities
and intelligence.
7. Remember my present — I am a fearful person who
misses my family and home very much.
8. Remember my future — Though it may seem bleak to
you, I am always filled with hope for tomorrow.
9. Pray for me — For I am a person who lingers in the
mists that drift between time and eternity. Your presence
may do more for me than any other outreach of
compassion you can extend to me.
10. Love me — The gifts of love you give will be a blessing
from which will fill both our lives with light forever.
Author Unknown
Smiles, Love & Laughter
God Bless,
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