Friday, December 20, 2013

Eye to Eye.

Not sure if I told you all that I was going through eye surgery this month. Well both eyes have been poked, sliced and diced and I can see again. Having a real problem with that though. I keep checking my face for my glasses and there are none, so I start to look for them. Then that brain cell I have left says, stupid you dont need them anymore. Reallly strange. Been wearing them since I was 12. Now at 69 I only need them to read. And I can use those store bought reading glasses for that. This is a huge change for me and my brain along with me are having problems with it. Colors are now different in their shade and tone to me. See I knew I lived in a different world, now I am wondering what this one is going to hold.

I still have most of the same old problems because of this disease. I have a set job on fridyas and that is to do the towesl. Well a bit of a problem with that. I get up go downstairs and the towels remain where they were. Of course I get reminded and say shit and go do my job. My verbal communications are starting to get a bit garbled and not really clear, even to me and that is a problem. I still try to let you all know what it is like here in Joeland, but i forget to often to post. You and your comments are what keep me here, without them I probably would not continue this. 7+yrs of this has woren on me and my brain.

I am so smart that Monday I had oral surgery when I was going to have eye surgery on Tuesday. By wednesday I felt beat up, battered, brused, malnourished and just plain lousy . I am thinking that having both back to back was not good planning, oh well so goes my thinking.

I still set my meds up in a certain way and now that is not working, I have to look at each one to make sure and put them back and it just burns my buns. I get to the point of just saying the hell with them.  Now I have eye drops to add which is fun, but they end in couple of weeks.

Enough of me and my mindless ness.  FROM MY FAMILY TO YOU AND YOURS A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR (just in case I forget)!

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!!

PS. To all of you who know Dr. Joseph Savik and Dr. Richard Taylor, wish them a Happy Holiday Season from you and me.

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