Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hello there hope allis well with you. You that follow my blog may have noticed some changes to it stuff moved and missing. I am trying to make it load faster. Also I have started to shut down many of the other areas that my blog goes to. I have closed my blog connetions account, webring, siteamplifier and a few others. I will be getting rid of all my social media accounts, I have closed my Likdin account. Facebook, twitter, google = and others are next. I can not handle all of these and my blog. I have not paid the proper attention to it and I hope that changes soon. I am having more difficulty in keeping things straight this fricken disease just keeps fighting back an winning. So one thing is the best way to go less to try and keep straingt. I am involved with a project right now called To Whom I May Concern and once that is finished only my blog will remain. because I want to use the rest to push it out to the public.

Someday I will shake some of your hands and welcome you to this wonderful world of dementia, remember that you are not immune. No Cure, No Cause and No Real Treatment, happy trails to you all.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!!
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