Sunday, August 04, 2013

Read and enjoy.

well it has only taken me what 2 weeks to write to you all again. I have tried but i keep drawing blanks on what to say. so this post maybe gibberish to most. as some of you may know i am on google+, do not ask me why I have already tried to answer that one myself. emails up the well a bunch every day. today i did get the chance to talk to a gentleman from India on google was neat reaching out and touching someone.  my ability to follow and get involved in conversations is getting really bad. I did do some actual work the other day, I yes me, did paint the bathroom downstairs by myself. After many trips on step stool and ladder and what seemed like 110 hours, i finished, I was so wet from sweating that my clothes were stuck to me, see ladders, step stools and work and I do not actually live in the same world. I think i lost ½ ton of wieght during the job.One of my jobs in the house is to do the towels every week on friday. Hell it seems that every day is friday. I no sooner do them and here I am having to do them again and wondering what happened to the week in between, always thoguht that there was 7 days between fridays, now there is only one night of sleep for me.

no more unplanned trips out of the bed, the bed rail works fine, i even sleep right next to it and even hug it. the cpap is becomming a real pain, we have tried what seems like 3000 different masks and stuff and nothing fits right, I leak to much from the mask. I now have facial leaks as well as bottom ones. Tell you this is really getting to be a challenge. I am spending a lot of time at my computer, not doing things just looking at it and wondering why and what i am doing or supposed to be doing. It takes forever for me to gt thigs done or figure out what it is that I want to do and then forget it that quickly. This is the only thing I can do with some degree of accuracy and that is write to you and tell you that this life sucks more and more each day. I try to get involved like an activist but keep being told Joe people do not want to listen to you because you are to fricken blunt and challenge their pet projects or beliefs. I should be more gentle, screw that when this fuckin disease becomes more gentle and nice maybe then so will I, but do not hold your breathe. Well to all those nice gentle onew out there have fun.

This coming thursday the 8th I will be guest speaker (poor people) for the Alzheimer's Foundation of America, caregiver group as I understand, yes me believe it or not. The call is at 10 AM PST, call in number is 1-877-594-8853 and the id to get into the call is 53181404# to listen and there will be a question and answer period, what fun that could be. So if any of you can tune in try it you might like it or not.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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