Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Here I am Again!

Howdy all, things as far as nightly adventures is flying have been quiet the new bed rail is keeping where i belong for the time being.I am now using a new CPAP for sleeping, not sure what it is doing except breathing on my face and is a pain taking on and off, especially when nature sings her lovely song ing tthe middle of the night without any delay.

You may have noticed or not that some things have been removed from my page. I am starting to shutdown many of the sites and places where my blog appears, eventually down to just this place. I will be shutting down my account with network blogs, feedburner, both pages on facebook, twitter, linkden, google+ and the others that i can remember. I have two commitments that I have made that I need to keep and after them no more.

It is becomming difficult just to talk here. I nolonger know what to say, except the days get lost more and more and I am never sure of what I am doing. My schedule does not fit anybody elses in the house, I am up and asleep as my body says. I have grwon very tired and angry at contacting folks all the time and they do not do the same. I am beginning to know why those who suffer from Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, withdraw from attempting to live in your world. Frankly you all seem to busy and we are not worthy of your time.I have not decided to share the emails that i have had with a Mr. Herrera who is a regional VP for the Alzheimer's Association or not. They demonstrate the level of compassion and real caring from such people.

Enough for me for now. My baain wants to do other things rather than hwlp me here.

God Bless & Kepp You & This Country of Ours!

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