Friday, June 21, 2013

Where in the World is Joe?

Remember that kids book: "Where in the World is Waldo"? we still have a copy from when my kids were kids and now for the grandkids. You know I still have the damndest time finding him even after 30+ years and who knows how many times of going over the book.

Well that is how I feel about me now, i do not hear words right anymore, mess up on the words i want to ses  get lost in conversations, forget what it is i want to do  or am too do. Again a week ago the High Flying Potocny did it again and managed to launch himself in the middle of the night out of bed. This time i landed between the nightstand and paper shredder flat on the old back. Messed up my left upper arm, left thigh and bruised the hell out of my ribs on the right side. Yes ENTER THE DREDDED BED RAIL. wife is not going to have anymore of this. knowing me I will just grab the top of the rail and go for a lond distance flight before crash landing. I am even having a hard time answering emails, taking way to long, just outright forget to. I am slowly shutting down some of the sites I use and post on, cannot keep up with it all. This blog is becommming  dificult enough to deal with. My will power and mental capacities are starting to loose the battle as I knew they would, but that still pisses me off.

Till we all meet again at Joe's Bar & Grill.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!!

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