Tuesday, June 04, 2013

My Soap Box!!

things seem to be getting more mixed up. I sure am clumbseyer. We bought a new bed, one of those memory foam jobs, well with the new foundation and the mattress, I have to climb and roll into it, to high to lift this ass of mine up. So my darling wife bought me a two step stool (small but sturdy) it helps but I still have some problems. Last night I unplug a razor on my night stand and turned around to get in bed. WELL, MR. Acrobat here, took one step hit the step stool and planted my face directly on the mattress. problem was the rest of me was hanging off the bed. See there is fun having Alzheimer's, at times.

In just regular conversation I get all mixed up, use the wrong words, words sort of dribble out of my mouth and I forget in the middle of things what it is we are talking about. What frustrates me the most is when involved in talking about one thing with people I can concentrate and articulate (there's a word for you) myself very well, but do not let me get distracted then I am lost.

I am starting to forget what I had for breakfast or llunch now, or if i have even had them. It just bites my butt how fast one can forget something, that was said or took place 5 minutes or so before.

I will tell you this I personally am outraged at all this crap on the Internet and what I get in my email about The Lady that Reversed her Alzheimer's in 37 days, Or the new cure for Alzheimer's found by a nobel prize winner that has been surpressed and the other shit that puts everything back to what it was. I say kiss off, if these things WERE true why is it then a new person every 70 seconds joins this World? because these claims may help some and I say some for a short time but have no lasting affect, accept to wear off and leave the person right where they would have been anyway and now more confused because of it. I am thinking about getting a wagon and a horse and start traveling this country town to town peddeling Dr. Joe's cure all oil, seems we have moved back to the Old West times. Sorry folks it will not only be .10 cents, 1/10th of a dollar, but hay costs alot so it will be $19.95 a bottle, but wait if you buy when I say to, I will double the deal and give you two bottles of bull shit, no shipping and handeling, fresh made from the back of my wagon, now how can you beat that deal.

Now all you pervaders of new cures and reversal drugs and ways to stop this disease, send me your hate mail so I can send you a free bottle, hurry this offer maybe taken off the internet at anytime. But make sure you press the orange button at the bottom to get your FREE 30 day supply.

Till next we meet, be good to yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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