Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fun Times With Alzheimer's.

I attend a mens meeting on Monday nights and they are all aware that I have Alzheimer's. We had sort of a celebration for one of our members. In sharing one of the guys turns to me and says Joe you are a lot nicer since you got Alzheimer's. I about feel out of chair, we could not stop laughing. So see there is fun here in this world at times. When you have friends that are not afraid to joke with you, especially since you do yourself.

But my sleeeeping habits are getting really bad. I once again managed to through myself out of the bed. I landed this time between the night stand and the paper shredder. How I managed that feat is beyond me. My body this time took a beating. I have this really nice long round knot and bruise on on leg, one to match on my shoulder and my ribs took a beating to. I think the other guy won this one. I am starting to think that staying calm and keeping my mouth shut and not letting this condition completely control me is starting to take its toll a different way. But I survived long enough for the wife to order a bed rail for my side. We will see if that works, I hope so, I cannot take many more of these 2+ foot drops to the floor, they hurt and I am old.

Everyone stay well till the next time.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!
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