Sunday, May 05, 2013

I posted about Richard Taylor being ill. Well yesterday i think it was i found out that he is out of the hospital, eating and getting better. Have written Richard but not heard back again, i still wish him well.

Many of you know my friend Dr. Joe Sivak, he wrote "When Can I Come Home"; about his experieneces as a teenager taking care of his mother who had Alzheimer's and the shall we say discussions between him and older siblings.  Well I have be talking to Dr. Joe the last couple of days and my friend and friend to many of you is not doing well. He has glacoma and worst of all magucular degeneration of the eyes. Send your prayers and well wishes his way. He may get pissed at me for saying something, but his blog has given much to others. So if he gets mad i will just tell the sob that is the way it is, and we will continue to be friends.

My son got married last weekend to a very sweetheart of a lady. She already tells me to be quiet and sit down. It was nice, down at the marina in San Diego on the south lawn I think and then the reception in the Coral Room. It was a very pleasant time.

But I need to tell you it has taken me almost all this time to recover from the stress, frustration and not knowing really what was happening for that week. Once again our family descended upon us, love them all but have a hard time with 8 grandchildren, six adults in the house pllus part of bridal party, my brain cell can not hanndle it all. I know poor me.

In August I will be on a national call for the Alzheimer's Foundation of America, with my story and answering questions to caregivers I guess. I warned them about me, but God gives courage to those who need it and they still booked me. I was on Lori Bay's dementia cares show last Tuesday, what kick. Lori runs the Alzheimer's Speak, listing on the side of my blog. I am so behind in emails and thanking people, my hair is falling out what there is of it anyway.

Until i remember what i want to say take care and be good to yourselves.

God Bless,

PS> this side of the fence really sucks.

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