Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hello It Is I............

I have been posting a number of articles of late and very little about my world. I think that is because I have fallen into the trap of others of being shall we say pansy. Well this disease is kicking my ass now and no more time to be gentle about it. Screw the so calls that say we need high profile people to promote the cause. Well does the Cancer Society= breast or otherwise, just use high profilce  people is there commercials frick NO. They use real people. Why is it that real people, the commoners of this society cannot be used to promote the fight. And what is the fight that is being waged in the World of Dementia? Is it a fight to find THE CAUSE, A cure or is it one to find away to make more money with meds and getting caregivers caught up in training and bullshit terminology. People with Dementia is now becoming politically incorrect, it implies we are DEMENTED, well guess what asses we are and some of us in a violent way, lets get real. Forget symantics let us move beyond that pettiness and communicate with us that have the disease. Many of us will talk and tell you, if you just quit treating us like non persons and ask outright questions and show you are not afraid of us. I have lost a number of friends even those that followed my blog because they no longer knew what to say or ask. There in lies the greatest problem ASK the question. Yes we have some meds that seem to slow the progression of the disease, but by no means stop it or cure it. In fact when they stop working or one is taken off of them for various reasons, they seem to deteriorate rapidly to the end game and being freed. I listen to the cries from our law makers and major associations that say how much they care and are doing. Kiss my ass, that is the same crap I heard over 7 years ago when I started this blog, i said it then and now you need to talk to us we HOLD THE KEY.

I am not able to walk well at all anymore, my movement on the stairs is comiing close to Fred Astaire dancing up and down them. My eyes are getting worse, my moods are getting harder to control, I am tired of fighting to stay level shal we say. I keep quiet alot because i do not know what will come out of my mouth. I am beginning to understand now why many just kind of sit and disappear. It is much easier to deal with, but there is still some fight left in this old fart.
A View of The World From Mine!

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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