Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Many Friends and I cannot Remember Them!

I have met so many people since I started this blog, and i am lucky if I can tell you five of them. There is Carol, who for some reason thinks i know what I am talking about. Dr. Joe Sivak who has gone on to greater fame and forgotten us little folks, i know doc i am a pain in the ass. My friends Mary and Jim who live in canada. I know there are many ofthers my email list shows it. Hey you old Navy guy Dr. Gordon, I still know you.

The last week or more has been a real doosey for me. I have ussed the old brain cell way tooooo much and gotten exhausted, shaky, a bit lost in time. I helped a friend redo his computer after it was totallly infected and that took a couple of days to retreive everything for him and my head hurt and i felt like a zombie. Tax season, somebody shoot me. Then I put Windows 8 onn my machine, nice program. But I did a refresh without finding out what that really was, my thoughts and its thoughts just did not agree. It cleaned my machine and I had to re-install almost all of my programs, in the process I signed up for stuff that my wife had to get me out of, I have been a mess, I do not even understand the notes that I have made so I do not forget, toooo much fog and dust up in the old brain.

I guess I should keep it simple but I have that inner pit bull in me that does not want to let go even though I am not winning at fixing and doing things. This disease Alzheimer's and the FTD, they hit hard when they punch back, a lot harder than I can. Wanted to let you all know for better or worse I still am being a pain in the ass to those around me, just doing my job.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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