Friday, November 02, 2012

To all those on the East Coast my prayers and hopes go to you in your hour of need. Only you know your real pain and frustration with getting the help you need. It will get better I believe that, just stay fast and believe. Hurricane Sandy left you in one hell of a mess and I wish I could change that for you.

I have been home now about a week i think. I have been informed that my timeline of our trip is a bit screwed up and locations, that does not surprise me. Time and days all seem to be the same to me and have ben for some time now. So I guess at the day. Loooooking at the alendaes not help, since i donot know what day it is. I am still very tired from the trip, but glad that my daughter got to check off of her list somethings she has wanted to do.

I am really confused with this disease, my short term memory of late seems betterm but my long term seems to have gone on vacation. Alzheimer's truly affects us all differently but still progresses to its final run.

Many of you know that all this rah rah rh about bresast cancer burns my ass, because the main stream seems to not care about us. I want no one to get cancer and surely not this disease.  Here is my problems did some reasearch and found out form the CDC and Breast that in 2011, 39,250 people died from breast cancer, that is both MEN and Women (mostly women). Yes men we can get it also. That was another 3-4% decrease. Frolm the CDC and other agencies that collect this info that in 2011 somewhere between 82,435 to 83,208 people died from ALZHEIMER'S, both men and women and ladies here is the kicker your made up the majority of those deaths.  So again I ask: Which is more important BREASTS or YOUR BRAIN? For me take my breasts and my genitiles and leave my brain alone, but at last I and millions have no chance for a cure or real help, Think about it.About 78 seconds each day another person is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, they receive their double Death Sentence, first there being then their life.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!


Carol Noren Johnson said...

Walked in our local Alzheimer's Association Walk this morning. A lot of money was raised. As a caregiver they have been very helpful to me.

Finally the Byrd Alzheimer's Institute in Tampa is doing research on coconut oil. My husband has been having it for about three years and I believe it keeps him in stage on of Alzheimer's.

I think there are three kinds of memory I observe in my husband--short-term memory, recent memory (such as what you remember of your trip, Joe) and long-term memory.

Hugs and prayers,

JUST A MOM said...

I have been standing on your soap box for a while Joe,,,,,, it upsets me.... Hang in there and take one day at a time... sick of hearing that yet... sorry,,, ((HUGS))