Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I have not posted recently on my own life. It seems to be getting more and more out of my control. Trying to remember to do things is nearing the statem of impossibility. Yet writing seems to still work for me. I was reading an article about a new gene they have found that works on the immune system and seems that it has some affects on Alzhiemers. What gene damned if I remember. But it only helps to confirm my non medical opinion that this disease is an auto imune disease. If i find the article in my notes i keep to help me i will post it. I know they are looking at stem cells as well and they hold some possible hope.

I  am finding it more difficult to post I do not know what to say anymore. I am tired of trying to really reach out and get our voices heard. I went back in my archives, I have been doing this blog for over six years and feel like i have gotten no where. Yes many of you have told me how it helps, i do read the comments that is how i know when you yell back at me.

The fuzzieness of this world is getting very hard to get throught. being quiet and not talking seems to becomming more the way I want to be. I prefer being left alone to drift off to other places that are kinder and more pleasant than this. Notes are starting to hang on my computer desk to help me remember things again and again i forget to look at them. enough for today.

Be kind to yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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