Monday, October 29, 2012

Home Safe!

Last we were heading to Omaha or had reached there, at any rate we spent the night in Omaha. I provided comic relief for my daughter bac, in Colorado, the wind was a bitch. We stopped for gas and to get something to eat. Watching me trying to get out of the car was like an Abbott & Costello skit. The wind was so hard it kept pushing me back into the car and shutting the door on me. Well I finally managed to get out and to food.
In the morning in Omaha we took off and went to the zoo, the wind had followed us. Got a scooter there did not want to take a chance with possible rain and mine. Well as the morning rolled on so did the wind and then the rain, what a day, but hte zoo is very nice.  We ledft for the car and it was down hill, now when you get this person moving down hill he can not stop, i pick up speed, my daughter was latched on to me like an anchor but no good, had to use the care parked next to us as a stopping post. We ledt for Iowa, well 5 minutes later we were in Iowa. We were going to stop in DesMoines, but it was still early so we went on to Lake Bluff, Illinois got in about 12:30 am, Thursday morning. Spent Thursday resting I think. Not sure what we did Friday, I forget. I think we went to lunch with my brother in law and family. my days are a bit messed up. On sunday we went to downtown Chicago and met up with John and his family, met a young black fellow and family from Philadelphia who were there, like us for the Monday night Bears game.  We went out for dinner and headed home.  On Monday Kathryn and I went to the one mueseum near Soldiers Field where the game was to be. We after staying at the museum went back to Soldiers Field and back to the car which we could not find, turns out we were on the wrong level. After finding said vehicle and downing our attire and face paint for the game we went into the stadium. What a great time we had, our seats were the best almost the entire game was played directly in front of us, just like watching on TV, and of course is was a great game Dah Bears won.
HOme ward bound to Lake Bluff in the rain, but we were happy., until Kathryn noticed her wallet was gone, this is 12:30 in the morning, so we searched the car nope, no where to be found. Started immediately contacting credit cards and such to report them lost. Tuesday Kathryn call the DMV in Calif. and reported here license lost and they sent a temp Fed-X to her, which she got wednesday. Well she went out to the car to start packing it to leave and things of all things, there is her wallet under the front tire of the car. Happiness showers the day again and off we went. We left Wednesday about noon and got home about 1am Saturday morning, we stopped in Arizona but both said no lets go home. So here we are.
It was fun, but very emotional for me, Chicago holds some real bad and heart wrenching memories for me. But this trip was for Kathryn she always wanted to see a Chicago Bears game in Chicago, so time getting shorter off we went.She has her memories and I have a very tired body and sore ass. But still had fun.
No more travels to hard on me and the old body. So there you have it. Thanks for listening.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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Carol Noren Johnson said...

What remarkable memory you have! Did you take notes? Glad you could get away.