Friday, September 28, 2012

Welcome to our world of dementia, Jim McMahon.

Some or many of you do not know Jim McMahon. He was the quarterback for my Super Bowl Champions, The Chicago Bears is 1985. To me one of the great one's, not afraid to get hit or do what it took to win the game. Not like some of the sissys today. Jim at the age of 53 now has dementia, not Alzheimer's, Lewy Bodies, Frontal Temporal or any of the others. He has the new one specially named for retired football players, chronic traumatic encephalopathy (that was cute and paste). Comes from toooooo many wacks in the head they say. Sorry Jim, you are still a favorite of mine, but now we have something in common, brains kind of scrambled.  I often wonder if my Alzheimer's and Frontal Temporal Dementia are not tied to the wonderful car door slams to my head that my wonderful asshole of a father took delight and delivering to me. Or the hits in the head by the swings in school or those from the teeterboards or whatever the where. Possibly my wonderful abilithy to fall and crack my head on the cement. Oh well whatever the cause we have it don't we Jim? Truly i am sorry for your condition, it is not fun. Believe me I and millions of others know that and wish you well. You can always contact me and we can chat, talk or write. Just know there are a great number of us out here who stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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