Sunday, September 16, 2012

There is a new community some of you may or may not know of now on the web. I have joined it,  it consists of people involved with Alzheimer's, sufferers, caregivers, etc. It is called The Alzheimer's Community   , you can register and join, of course it is free. Come take a look and help spread the word.

My world has been very mixed up lately. I really do not know what is going on in it much anymore. Lynn has to do the check book now, even the calculator does not do what i wnat it to do. Talking is becmoing one of those one time I knew how to do that and make sense.But that is the way it goes.

I sit here and have all these things to say and when I go to they go somewhere other than on this page, it pisses me off. Making a decisssion for me takes alot of time. So much that I forget what it is that I am trying to answer or do.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

I just remembered something, I have noticed that most of my so called friends have disappeared from my life, just as they did when I stopped drinking. Quit being a drunk and loose your friends, have your brain eaten away loose your friends, seems interesting.


Carol Noren Johnson said...


I am still here and appreciate so much that you can write here what my husband wouldn't write (but feels) because he doesn't get on the computer. I love the new family photo above. "You raise me up to walk on stormy sea" as your song here says.You are incredible and are not alone.

Hugs and prayers,

sandy said...

Hi Joe, Me too, I'm glad that you are keeping up the writing! My mom has no more words these days, and I'm sure that what she thinks inside her head is similar to what you are saying. You rock!

XclusivelyHisOwn said...

Joe, I found your blog after watching your documentary on the HBO Alzheimers project. I'm currently enrolled in a health science program online and viewing your video has been a wealth of valuable information.

Thank you for sharing your life, your struggles and your deepest inner thoughts. (And I'm glad that you're still "there", and present in everyday living.)

Much respect to you and your family.

ME said...

Thank you for your postings. My father has this terrible disease as well, but does not share his experience as you do. He tries to hide all that he is going through. Your blog is so helpful and I very much appreciate you writing it!