Friday, August 31, 2012

I am back.

A couople of weeks ago i posted that i was taking coconut oil becaues i promised a friend. Well still am and have nothing to report. It goes in and comes out. I remain the same and am getting a little bit worse each and evry day. So will continue and report. So far as i am concerned it is a ll HYPE, btu just because no hlep here so far does not mean that it might not help some people for a time.

We had the radio show on Alzheimer's Speaks Radio. I had a good time talking with Lori and feel good that someone agrees that our voices need to be heard and listened to. We may do it again some day. Will try to get link to the actual broadcast so you can hear it.  I have to say taht after the hour I was shot the rest of the day. I cannot concentrate that long and stay foccused without my head and body letting me know about it. If any of you listened I hope you enjoyed and would appreceiate hearing from you.

Now i need to fight another battle my body chringes at temps over 75, I just become worthless, more so.

For now take care of yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!


Karen said...

I'd love to hear it, if you can get the link. And I'm interested to hear that you don't function well when it's hot outside, because I'm the same way, since my stroke if I go out in the middle of the day in the summer I pass out. I've only actually passed out once so now I'm more careful, but I sure don't like the feeling of worrying about it. I asked my neurologist if intolerance to heat could be a symptom and he said no. I believe you, not him. Be well.

JUST A MOM said...

Hey Joe,, stoppin in to see how life is,,, keep taking life one morning at a time,,,,,the rest of the day will follow. :)

Rachel Ellis said...

I recently purchased your book (thanks for signing it by the way)after watching the HBO documentary.I am overwhelmed by the flow of emotions I experience as I read it. I am an occupational therapist and have treated many individuals who have AD/Dementia but very few people open up the way you have. I applaud all your efforts in bringing this disease to the front lines. ~Rachel

Carol Noren Johnson said...

Looking forward to hearing it. Last night I put this blog under "blogging friends" at the top right of my blog about my husband's Alzheimer's:

Hugs and prayers,

Blogger said...

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