Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello To All

I have added new resource sites again, soon will need a website for them alone.

I went fishing behind my pond the other night. A hose ame loose on the filtering system and Mr. Fix It, went out after midnight to meet the challenge. Well all went well, connected the hose back up got the system running again, stood up turned and immediately found myself tangled up on the ground in the plants, a plant stand in the dark.  Just a badly bruised ego, some bruses scratches and aches but I am use to that, I am not stable a foot.

One thing I do to try and keep my well let us say graying matter working, is to do towels for the week on Friday, yes that is today. I got up did normal cleansing stuff, changed all the towels, put the dirty ones in the washer and behold it cleaned them. I put them in the dryer, mind you this was about 9am, it is now 7pm. My wife came home about 11am I aksed her where she had been, she gave me that look and said I told you I was going shopping. OK. I just now asked what day it was and was told Friday, immediately my wife said the towels, well you got it they were stilll in the drlyer. So I just finished folding them and putting them away, a bit behind my time.

Don't forget Tuesday to listen to the radio web show, well i guess better said i do not forget to get on it.

Life in the world of Alzheimer's never a remembering moment.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!


Karen said...

I know what you mean about being unstable on your feet, I think my neighbors think I'm drunk sometimes. I have a cane but I hate it, it means I can't carry anything (since my other hand is weak) and anyway the coordination required to use it seems to be beyond me. Personally I haven't folded a towel in months, if the laundry is clean isn't that the important thing? Sounds like you're doing great, Joe.

Carol Noren Johnson said...

Life with Alzheimer's is in the moment and that's a good lesson most of us need, Joe. Hope the hurricane here doesn't prevent us from listening on Tuesday.

Hugs and prayers,