Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A week gone & Happy 4th to All.

I am glad that last week has past, the crashing out of bed, 8.5 hours at the hospital on sunday. Monday got to relax, the tuesday spent  2 hours iat the dentist, proded and poked and xrayed and open and shut measure this and that, looking into a apnea device for my mouht the mask and i do not get along at all. Then wednesday, good old phychiatrist, they are so non commital and say keep doing what you doing, well i do not want to. Dieing sucks, not knowing what day it is anymore sucks, forgetting where the day went sucks, life sucks so there. Then spent hour and a half at the eye doctors, how wonderful, pull this lid then that one blind me with this light agnd then the next put drops is to measure pressure i guess, that process was met with a bit of resistence, you do not touch my eyes. Then we put all types of drops in them so I can no longer see shit and they take pictures of them. Finally the Doctor arrives and he fuckin blinds me with lights. We discuss a cataract that is in the left eye, he suggested to leave it for now and not operate, smartest thing i heard all week.  But need new glasses.

This week comes and somehow some way a sctrewed up my back and need my brace to move and my scooter to get atround. I know it ends sometime, but when is that time. i forgot what i was going to say.
Oh well take care.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours - Especially OUR TROOPS.
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