Wednesday, June 06, 2012

5 Awesome Smartphone Apps That Every Caregiver Needs

as always we do not promote or recommend any products, you are the ultimate decision maker in you purchases. we try to bring things to aide and possibly be of use to you.

Sure, your smart phone might be a great way to fling disgruntled birds at thieving swine, but it can also be just as useful in helping you care for an elderly parent or a special needs child. Right now, more than three in ten households report that at least one person has served as an unpaid caregiver. Taking this into account, developers have begun to release a wide variety of apps that can make providing care much easier. From scheduling medications to tracking lost loved ones, there’s almost no limit to what these programs can do. So if you have a dependent at home, you should definitely consider downloading these 5 apps.
1)    Med Helper - $3.99. Med Helper provides caregivers with the most comprehensive medication scheduling suite on the market. Available for the Android and iPhone, the app tracks medication, treatment and appointment schedules for your loved one. In addition to alerting you when it’s time to give a patient their pills, Med Helper Pro also tracks your prescription inventory and lets you know when it’s time to get a refill. It even creates a log of past doses that you can export and show to your healthcare professionals. If providing medication is part of your daily routine, this is one app that you need to get.
2)    ICE - $3.99. ICE, by development firm Appventive, is a high-tech “In Case of Emergency” app. It functions just like the diabetic bracelets that people use to inform medical workers about their condition, but the app can convey very detailed information. With just one click, EMT staff or other medical professionals will know the person's conditions, emergency contact numbers and insurance information. You can include phone numbers for doctors, information about allergic reactions and special instructions. Though the app is currently exclusive to the Android operating system, look for it to expand to the iPhone soon.
3)    Pain Care – Free. When you're sitting in the doctor's office, it can be difficult to remember every single thing you wanted to say about how you've been since your last visit. Pain Care, the winner of the “Project HealthDesign,” says it for you. The app, which is available for free on Android, Blackberry and iPhone, is a kind of pain management journal. A pain slider allows patients to rate their level of pain as well as its duration, location, triggers and more. In-depth information like this gives your doctor a clear picture of your condition over time.
4)    GPS Tracking Pro – Free. Caring for a family member who is suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia can be difficult, especially when they start losing track of their surroundings. A simple walk alone can quickly turn into an emergency if your parent or grandparent forgets how to get back home. The GPS Tracking Pro app will allow your family member to retain their independence by keeping tabs on their location 24 hours a day. Just load the free app onto their Android or iPhone, and you'll be able to track their location from your phone or computer.
5)    Brainwave Tuner - $2.99. Brainwave Tuner can be a useful app for those who suffer from fits, migraines, insomnia and other stressful conditions. Binaural acoustic therapy aims to help people achieve a more relaxed state of mind by coaxing brainwaves to entrain with a gently pulsing audio source. Brainwave Tuner projects special ambient sounds through headphones to help relieve pain and induce sleep. The app is currently available for iPhone and Android phones.
Being a caregiver isn't easy, but these apps can make looking after a loved one with special needs much less trying than it used to be. Apps like these turn your smartphone into an emergency device, a medication scheduler or an acoustic therapy device at the touch of a button, and as technology continues to advance, these apps will only become more helpful. So check out your operating system’s app store today and download a few that you think might be useful in providing care for your family or loved ones. For such a small price, they can be a big help. 

hope you enjoy this and find some useful inforation. You can tell i did not write this, you can read it.

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NewKidontheBlogg said...

Great idea, but we don't have smart phones. However we both have ICE on our phones. ICE for my husband has my cell phone number on it.

Another thing we do for my husband's memory, is have a picture by people's names on his cell phone. This way he can remember what someone's name is.


Anonymous said...

Carol, those both sound like good ideas!

Ralf Nord said...

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Anonymous said...

What useful information, for professionals as well as caretakers. I'm definitely going to take note of these little gems. Thanks for the info.

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Thanks for sharing this with us! Some really amazing features.

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