Friday, April 13, 2012

Sadness in one's life.

This has been a hard week for me. My bird died Easter night. I was the only one that could handle her, very picky with people. Her leaving has really messed me up, i come down in the morning and go to uncover her and feed, water, bird talk all that knid of stuff and no cage. At night I want to cover her and say goodnight again no cage or bird. She had been ill and sitting with me at nights for long periods cuddeling and sleeping, i knew time was near, but never expetced feeling this lost over it. I look forher cage and it is not there. Change is not good for me anymore I have problems with it now. I find I am angrier inside now than ever, but I fight not to let it out at others, i just leave the room come st here at this beast and do nothing or go in my bedroom and just lay there for awhile. I find the tremors and my balance worsening daily my head seems to be screwe on sideways this crap has to endlife really is beginning to suck big time. well that is the hand i have drawen and have to play.

Take care of yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!


JUST A MOM said...

Joe I am sorry you lost your friend,,, it is hard to have change on the outside when the inside is changing so much. Hang in there and keep your smile.

Stumblinn said...

I wanted to also express my condolences on your loss. I am sharing your pain as this Monday (the day after Easter) our elderly cat who has not been doing well for awhile also passed on. Like you, we are faced with constant reminders of her presence around our home. I just remind myself to be grateful for both the time we had with her and that she is no longer in pain, as I know you are doing also.

What type of bird and how long did she share your life? (My favorite birds are conures and cockatiels.)

NewKidontheBlogg said...

So sorry about your loss, Joe. Can you get another pet? My Alzheimer's husband and I got another Maltese dog five days after the first one died, and he has worked out so well--such a companion to my husband when I am gone. He has a doggy door and can get himself out when he needs to.

We have change coming. My husband is being flown to visit his son when I will be on a cruise with my sister-in-law. He is not sure he will like this, but it will be good for me as a caregiver who doesn't get a break often. Also it will be so good for him to meet his two new great grandsons and that family does have a dog that he will undoubtedly take to.

Hugs and prayers,

beatsbydrd said...

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Lynn said...

to beatsbydrd do you really think this blog is for you to sell your stuff? This posting is about something that affected my husband and you should be commenting on that not tryiing to use him for your own gain.

Anonymous said...

U go one should be trying to sell their crap on here. There are plenty of other sites for that.

Dad im sorry about your bird. I know what she meant to you. I love you