Friday, January 06, 2012

The Remember Song

Before i give the link to this song, I want to answer Dana's question. First no question that i am assked on this blog is to personal. I have nothing to hide and wish to share all that i have. I do not take Aricept, Namenda, or Exlon (or whaterver it is called) nore the other two drugs for Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. See I wrote all this dow so I could do this post and not use my ½ brain cell.  I did use the A&N drugs, however I got worse on them and suffered other sided affects, the nuerolgist that I went to, the best in California, told me to flush them and go on and enjooye the rest of the time I had left. So I did. 2 other neurolgists feel the same. I know some folks say they help, my issue is do they really or do theose at least some that take them think they do because that is what they were told. Read the comple pharm reports on them and you will see that they are not sure if they will work. The only medical advice if any that you will get here is talk to your doctor and make them talk with you not at you it is your body and your life. So there!
Anyone no matter were they live in the wolrd can order my book on my side for the shippping only price. Yes Karen it costs more than 6.95 for me to ship out of the states, but that is my contribution to get the word out. Besides a paid a bundle to publish it, rich i will not get, my purpose is only to share this World with others.l

Now for the link which has the credits for the song:
The Greatest Alzheimer's Song Ever!
I hope you find the humor and truth in this song. By the way I about fell out of my chair listening to it.

God Bless & Keep You & This County of Ours!


Anonymous said...

Jo, the Remember Song is ace! Love it!

Stephanie said...

You are an inspIration !

Alice Byrne said...

Oh, well, that song put Alzheimer's under a more positive light. Being a caregiver of an Alzheimer's patient can be challenging, but when they hear this, they'll find humor to it.
You're such an inspiration, Jo. Continue your generous contributions to fighting Alzheimer's. I admire you.

Suzanne Andrews said...

The song is very inspirational. As a rehab practitioner, I treat people with Alzheimers. What you need to remember is to focus on your abilities rather than your disabilities. Although there is not a cure yet and I pray there will be, there are exercises you can do to prolong your brain functioning.

All the best,
Suzanne Andrews
Founder of Functional Fitness, Public Television and creator of Functional Fitness Brain Power Memory Boost DVD

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Glad to see you are still blogging Joe!