Friday, October 14, 2011

My Disease, Alzheimer's is relentless!

I hvae not written lately because I have not been able to.  To this point i have only really suffered some of the affects mentallly of the disease and the physical has gotten worse. Back brace, a scootter chair now, tremors higher dosages of meds for pain and to keep me somewhat calm. Now i ned the wrife to help me use the remote of all fricken things. I still sit at the dinner table and am not sure what I am doing, i am getting lost more and more in conversations. Hell i am starting to gorget to turn this thing on let alone post.

I keep getting sites from people tat want posted on here, but i have to read them and ask Lynn if they fit, i owe that to you my family. Some I have just forgotten this is not a sales site, with once acception MY BOOK. then the money is doneated. I am lucky these days that I can stay awake for part of the day, i just drift and that is that for hours. I am getting to know less and less where I am and actually what I am doing.
Guess it is true some of us stay mentally ok until we start to reach the end of this disease. Then all of a sudden down the hill lickety split and it is over. Not only have most of those in the documentary Memory the loss tapes left us, but a number of those is the other parts that were featured with Alzheimer's have passed since the release in 2009 I think it was. Still I hear no voices for us, only those inside my head now, but they have interesting things to say and they agree with me msot of the time, sometimes they get out of hand.

Till next time you take care of your selves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!
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