Friday, August 26, 2011

Alzheimer's, Sleep Apnea, Early Onset Alzheimer's and Medications!

Yes I have Alzheimer's and Sleep Apnea seems to go with it. I was first diagnosed back in the mid 1990s, remember the old times. Had my test again, well now what took place, well went for my findingss or whatever want to call them, appiontment was for 10:30AM as usual had the normal 15 min. delay, that turned to 30 mins. at whch time the wifey got involved as to what was going on, well 45 min after my appt. time taken back had blood pressure, which was rissing, taken and my wieght. Seated right in front of the Dr. office and told it would be about 2 mins. and I was next. Well, he comes out and takes in three people who needed an interpeter ahead on me.  Now you all know the high esteeenm i hold the medical field in, so you can guess what took place, the Dr. was told directly what I thought and so was his entire staff and all the patients heard, you know i hold nothing back. Well with contrite voice and approach the ass called me later in the day and was so apppologitic that I wanted to vomit. I still gave him no respect or quarter. Apparently my SA is not very bad, so time will tell on the front.

Early Onset Alzheimer's diagnosis is a MYTH it does not exist people. Only if they tell you 10 or so years before. One of our family members (part of this family on the blog), husband was diagnosed with EOA from reading her blog and things it seems to me to be about a year ago.  He is now in mid stage, gee from EOA to mid stage in 1 to 2 years no way. We are generally diagnosed in mid stage, because the HealthCare providers do not want to TAG us as one of THOSE people. But if you have cancer, aids, heart disease, herpes, well yeah we can tell you normal folks get those diseases.What I am trying to say in the stage play here, is we are still not to be talked about and I see and hear it all the time.  Everything is to help the caregiver, Time To Listen To Us, we hold the key let us give it to you. Are we not people, do we not cry, do we not feel pain, do we not feel the frustrations of loosing our memories and control over our bodies? Bet your sweet ass we do and are.

I take 80mg of Fluoxetine (prozac) a day to handle my mood shifts and anger, also take 20mg of Crestor to manage my cholesterol ( diet and exercise has never worked, liver is to efficient at producing this little bugger), 300mg of Gambapentin (Neroutin) to manage moods, seizures and the neropathy that I have so I can walk and feel in my hands, take .5mg of Cholozapam (Kolonipin) twice daily to help with my St. Vidas Dance, the tremors and shakes probably will be increased because it helps with sleep temmors and REM Behavoral Disorder.

None of the so called slow the process drugs, sorry tried no help and most people I know have gotten no real benefit from them. Have hadt tow reallly top neurologists say no to them because they have not seen them help anyone in their practices. You know the drugs, Aricept, Namenda, Exerol and the rest. I have written I believe in past posts about these drugs.

Well this is a lot for me, I feel like I am preaching, probably I am and it is to the choir, no one that counts is listening, you all know this is not directed at you.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country Of Ours!
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