Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I think this month will end, I hope!

Crap ass month so far, as some of you may have read my niece died a week or so ago and last week sometimme i lost my two prize KOI and then i am told I have orthostatic tremors, never say what the hellll else will happen.

Many of you know I was honrod to share the silver screen with six other lovely people in the HBO special, The Alzheimer's Project, Memory the Loss Tapes.  I considered us, although i never said anything as The Magnificant Seven.  Well Ms. Fannie Davis has passed on,I was advised today, i still need to get her pic and dates and anothers up on my Memorial Page.  I am glad to tell you that as of this afternoon Ms. Yolanda Sanmartino (the womaninthe mirror) is still kicking and doing well at Cherrywood Nursing Home. Just the two of us left, seems though we are all staying in the 8 or so year time line.

My book has made it to Europe, hopefully it will help someone over there.It humbles a pain in the ass like me that my blog, my story and my book have gotten so much attention world wide.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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NewKidontheBlogg said...


It's hard to look at the good when you have this disease. There is good in your lovely family in the picture. So sorry about your niece, but there has got to be good and things to rejoice about in the rest of the clan. What good happened in June?

Often AD puts a person in the middle of their own world, but your world, your family, sure have been your fans with all your publicity.

Can you imagine the family of Cassie Anthony? What happiness will they ever have? In contrast your family has happiness and pride in the valiant struggle you chronicle here--even heard about in Europe.

God bless,