Saturday, May 07, 2011

What price Alzheimer's

Many of you have lost loved ones to this disease, mothers, fathers, grandparents, friends, siblings and this list goes on. Mother's Day is tomorrow and to all Mother's long gone, still with us and to be, I wish you the happiest of times.

This is only one cost of the Disease, the losss of a loved one. Just think how we feel as we loose the loved one that we care about so greatly, ourself. Sounds selfish, but it is a reality. The other day to me it was just yesterday, because there is only today and yesterday for me, I walked into the "OFFICE", doe not everyone have to have one in their howse. A bedroom with a comuter in it, WOW. Anyway i walked in and the next i knew my wife was in helping me get up off the floor. See this 700 pound pigeon, does not remember how to fly to well. I bet i wennt down with grace, style and diginity and a thud. problem is not remembering what took place, one minute i am standing the next on the floor like a beached whale. I know this is only part of the disease and what is to come, but it is taking longer to get up and the aches take longe to leave and some now stay, they found a home. Good thing I drank heavily in my twenties, I learned how to fall and get back up. So I guess we are born we grow and start to return to our original days.
The more i look at this disease the more I feel it is auto immune in nature. I notice our Alzheimer's Organization here in the states touts the stars who have parents or sweethearts who have parents with the disease as being such brave soles and all the work they do for Alzheimer's. I say stick it up your ass you do nothing for us. At least Canada has speakers at meetings with the disease so that the true story comes out. I know I have a couple of friends up their speading the word at AD meetings by the Alzheimers Assoc. of Canada. Kudos to you folks.  Here forget it. See personal experience has shown me the nature of their commitmennt.  The San Diego Chapter, visited me the wife would remember when, it was shortly after the Walk here in Oceanside, I think. They met to discuss my book, the lady was very nice as i remember and felt that my story needed to be told and by me and that i would be of greqat service, i was even asked if i would be willing to speak and help, well I said yes. gave them books for their lending library. They would be in touch I was told, the bullshit put off statement. Well they went to the state capital for getting things done, i was asked originally if I would go, yes, however time came and pass and so did their silence. I get emails to help support them. I think not, you can have as much support from me as you have given me.  The Alzheimer's Disease Reasearch Foundation gets my help they at least are doing things.
Had to get this off my chest. It has been burning my ass for a long time now. Many good people work and volunteer for the,, but the whole does not even come close to equalling the parts.
I have noticed lately that ai seem to be going away, that is the best way i can say it, seems like me and that around me are starting to part ways more and more each day.
I am rambling on so I will say so long for the time being.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!


NewKidontheBlogg said...

The local Alzheimer's Association has a support group that I have attended monthly as a caregiver. It is so valuable to me--we all learn from each other. At first I would tell my husband I was going to a wife support group at First Baptist Church (where it is held); now he know the truth that he has Mixed Dementia and that montly I go to the Alzheimer's care group.

They also hosted a free well-attended workshop and have a six session health workshop that I will attend. In the fall they hope to have a 10 session event for couples where one has Alzheimer's.

Joe, see if you can volunteer your story and bring your book to a local association.

The people we should be mad at are the research teams. They need to listen to you.


JUST A MOM said...

I think a nice big roll of bubble wrap would help ya out Joe.... keep your feet down and your head UP!