Saturday, May 14, 2011

Food for Thought

As you may know i do not have great faith in the medical field, especially with being forth comming. So in my latest of brain enhanced theories, besides AD being an auto immune caused problem. I feeel that many that are in so called health care facilities, supposedly suffering from one form of dementia or another, ARE NOT. Yes that is what I said, i have over the years read the various studies, from stopping dementia to curing it and everything in between, poultry feathers i say.  I believe that many in these facilities are victims of the stupidity of doctors and the greed that they and the pharmacuetical companies have.  It is called OVER MEDICATION, we give a drug for a real disease, it causes side effects, so a different one for the side effects and it causes, you guessed side effects, so what do we do, give another drug, until the poor bastard is taking so many drugs it is no wonder that they become mentally unaware, physically impared, not to say just out right dead.

I am not saying DEMENTIA does not exist. I am just saying before a diag of such is accepted it may be well to check the meds one is on and see their side effects and maybe under professional care, start weening them from the drugs and see what takes place.

Ok joe you say,but think hard about this one. A pill for this and that and one to take care of those pills, plus over the counter meds these folks maybe taking, what are the real affects. Plus most drugs are prescribed by a test method on most younger to middle aged peoples and their respective optimal wieght and hieght. Not on a 65 yr old person out of shape with adjusting for age, wieght and other meds and factors taken in.

I have it, proven by Brain tests, of course death will be the ultimate diag for the AD, not the FTD. Also on more than one occasion in ture medical language and diag after being tested I have been informed that "Joe, there is nothing up there", so there you have it.

What i amtrying to say is always wiegh what you are told check it out, get a 2nd opinion and research any drug prescribed and find out if it has reactions with others.

God Bless & Keep You and This Country of Ours!!!!!

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Mrs. Sew and Sew - Karen said...

I agree Joe. My grandma lived to be 93 yrs old and wouldn't take an aspirin much less any other drugs. I think it happens to the best of pill then the other. God only knows what the side effects are! And your right sometimes the drugs work against each other and ultimately the patient.