Saturday, May 28, 2011

Alzheimer's, The Blessings Of!!!!

I can hear you all now, joe is going on the rampage with this one. Well you are wrong. You all know the crap side and so do I, but you do not know the, morbid as it sounds, the blessings that come with this death sentence.
1. You know you are not nuts.
2. Death is no longer a fear.
3. You get to forget your resentments.
4. You no longer hate someone, because you forget them.
5. You meet new people daily.
6. You talk to stangers more frequently.
7. You do not have to be stylish in your dressing any longer.
8. You forget to tell people to fuck themselves, hence you may not swear as often.
9. If you smoke you make forget to or where you placed the things, spend all day looking for them and go to bed saying the hell with it, and never having smoked.
10. Nine could work for drinking.
11. Wake up each morning with a new woman or man in your bed, This One We All Like, even you.
12. Forget you annoying relatives and neighbors.
13. Forget to turn on the TV, but yet you watch it.
14. Have conversations with people who know what you are saying, but no one else can see them.
15. Forget you hate vegetables and even try them now.
16. Get to have some one else change your clothes, what fun that coould be.
17. Take a bath when you damned well feel like or think you may need one.
18. Won't discuss the toliet training that you forgot, you caregivers might not find that so enjoyable.
19. Your new eating habits that help you loose wieght, no 20.00 for 20lbs., you just forget what food is for.
20. One day the World and all of its' Bullshit suddenly stop for you.

See we have to look at the bright side once and awhile. So I am sick, I am allowed, brain confussion, cannot seem to find the darn thing.  Have fun, be good to yourselves.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!


NewKidontheBlogg said...

Love your list, Joe. You are so clever. Took a lot of excellent brain cells to write this post.

However, my husband remembers to swear when he gets frustrated. I just let it roll off my back and hope my Christian friends understand and there aren't grandchildren listening.

Peaceful said...

I liked it (thumb up)

Harrison 9 said...

Joe...your book arrived and you have suceeded in wrecking my life...I can't get anything done as I am FASCINATED by the book!!!...very thankful that you continue to write as only YOU can. The insight is so valuable for us who are caretakers. I am having loads of "ah ha" moments where I see Mom in your words. Have turned down so many pages to re-read to my Dad to try and help him see the illness. THANK YOU and Keep writing!!! We love you.

JUST A MOM said...

hahha LOVE IT,,,

Anonymous said...

Keep writting. Its helpful for us.