Monday, April 18, 2011

Picks or Frontal Lobe Dementia (They Are The Same)

I was reading my friend Mary's blog today, it is on the right side. She lives in Canada and we have chatted back and forth for quiet awhile. She posted a site A Picture of Picks Disease from the inside out. 

I am posting the link here also.  You see I have AD and FTD. The article may help you understand me better, since it is writtten by a Dr. (you know my normal thoughts here) that suffers from FTD and explains things very well.  His feelings on the publics knowledge do not difffer from mine. But he is kinder than I, surlely he speaks the truth and feelings as he understands them, i just happen to be more direct and believe in the raw basics they speak of the horrors more directly.

I have read a new study that shows that the brain starts its' shrinking journey a full 10 years before the first diagnosis of AD is made.  Thank You oh Great One's. You have once again proven your swiftness of understanding and well deserved Paper Hanging Degrees.  I have said on this blog as I have been reminded that I knew things were wrong when I turned 50 tem yrs before my first diag. in 2004 by my pshycologist whose father died from AD.  The FTD and AD confirmed by a pet scan 2006/2007 do not remember. So Early Onset is not Early Onset but as i have thought more mid stage. These assholes do not talk to us they are to fricken smart.  Sme food for thought in reading the various ground breaking studies of the cause and cure and preventions of this disease, I have come to my own earth shattering and astounding cause for ALZHEIMER'S & OTHER DEMENTIA'S, they are Auto Immune Diseases, all the studies point that way since it is enzymes and the such causing plaque build ups and other nasties, and from the med shows and the experts these things are auto immune, beta amaloyid protiens, formed when enzymes attack white corpusle cells if I have my thinking cap on. Since I believe that Dementia in and of itself is a full body assault to my lowly brain poser of one cell, it spells auto immune. See I consuletd with DR. HOUSE and his whiteboard and he agrees. Trust me I am not making fun, i believe that this is where it lies.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!

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