Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Dr. Joseph Sivak

Well Doc is out here in gold old CA.  He is being dragged around by his wife, that woman must never feed him, hell i make up two of him, probably i am in trouble again, oh well.

Went up to see Doc at one of his book signing, had a pleassant time. For me a very tiring trip, 160 miles round trip, I am toooooo old for that stuff. It was good to see Mr. Skinny with a red face from our sun, that will teach a winter wonderland boy to mess with us.

Nice day for me, tired, woren out but got to spend time with a good friend and met some new people, who I cannot even tell you what they look like now.  But we had fun.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!


Anonymous said...

HI Joe, i watched the documentary that you were on. it was so hard to watch your part and feel your pain. my grandmother had Alzheimer's and never had the chance to say goodbye to me. i love how you have this blog and you can write to your family and tell them you love them so that they will always remember and know. i now have you bookmarked on my toolbar so i can read your blogs everyday. I think what you are doing is truly wonderful!


NewKidontheBlogg said...

Glad you got to see your friend and have this outing. Did you drive there? Is the traffic horrible where you live?


Megan said...

I am watching the documentary that you are in and I wanted to tell you that you are amazing and hilarious! I hope that you are having a wonderful day. Keep your head up, you are such an inspiration.

All the best,

Megan in Seattle

JUST A MOM said...

YAY,, although you get to meet new friends EVERYDAY Joe.. a plus of this nasty thing called your new norning. Love ya

Lynn said...

Traffic was fine going up there. We expected it to be bad just because, but it was fine going up there and on the way home Joe kept looking at the signs and going we are almost home because he remembered the cities. He was amazed at how fast we got home. But that is the way it normally is. It is always faster going home. It was a good time and Joe may have been tired but he looked like he was having a good time talking to the people that showed up.

Joseph J. Sivak MD said...

Where do I start? I finally got to meet you and that lovely wife of yours who will certainly will be cannonized a Saint for putting up with you! I am glad you made it home safe. The second signing was much more well attended, but I think, it was supposed to work out the way it did. I think we were meant to have that little circle of people and closeness at the one you attended. I will have much more to say about finally meeting you, on my blog and your blog over the days and weeks, I am sure.
And thank you for the lovely compliment in there- saying I was in shape, and not too fat. I think that is what you meant.
Love JS