Monday, April 04, 2011

Click Me Find Out Those of Fame That Died from Alzheimer's

To those that went before me, I am trying to give you a voice as well. The title is a link to a listing of those who of fame have died from AD.  And Still the medical profession and sorry for this Alzheimer's Association have done crap to help us. Lot of studies, lots of meds, NO CAUSE, NO CURE & MEDS THAT DO NOT REALLY WORK!!!!  Only true diagnosis, cut the brain open at death.

The closer i get to the end the angrier i get at this world of ours, 2nd most dreaded disease and who talks about it. So Called Experts, who really have no idea what we with it go through, WHY?, because they do not listen or ask they know it all.

Everything causes it and everything can cure or hault it, in the end all this fails, we just fucking die. Cancer Society song is Happy Birthday, great for the survivors which there are millions.  Alzheimer's new song, So Long It has Been Good To Know You!!! no survivors.  Yes there is anger in me today, not for myself but for those that do not speak out without concern for hurting peoples feelings and not being polically correct.
I stand at the gate to this World of Dementia and I put out my had to each that enters every 70 seconds, to welcome them, to tell them they are not alone regardless of the failures of their fellow man to really help them.

Go ahead an rip me a new one. I am ready, but when you do prove me wrong and show me that ONE SURVIVOR.

God Bless & Keep You & This Country of Ours!!!!
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